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Wine Storage: 7 Valuable Recommendations


So you’ve made your wine and have it bottled. Now what? Ever wonder how wine storage should be done to properly age your wine until you’re ready to drink it with friends and family? Wines, especially red wines, improve significantly as they age.  The older the wine, the finer the taste.

If you’re looking to store your wines, we offer 7 simple guidelines you can follow to properly age them until you are ready to drink them.

1.  Keep Your Wine Cool

A known enemy of wine is heat. Too high of a temperature can result in a wine prematurely aging more quickly than desired.  Flavors and aromas become flat and bitter ruining the taste.  An ideal temperature will vary depending upon individual conditions.  Although not always possible for homebrewers, try not to allow your wines to be exposed to temperatures above 70 degrees Fahrenheit for periods of time.

Homebrewers that can store their wines in more ideal conditions such as a refrigeration system or are fortunate to live in cooler climates with basements should target an ideal temperature range anywhere between 45 degrees to 65 degrees.  Fifty-Five (55) degrees is considered the ideal temperature to age wine for optimal results.

The exact science of temperature control is not always possible to achieve. Each of our wine making kits are carefully crafted by the manufactures expert vintners to provide a specific taste and enjoyment.  Kits come with detailed instructions stating how long each type of kit should age.  Our wine making kits aging ranges from minimum of 4 weeks to 6 months depending on the nature of the kit.

2.  But Not Too Cool

Keeping your wine in a typical household refrigerator is fine for a couple of months. Too cold a temperature can dry out the cork and allow air inside the bottle.  The air breaks down and damages the wine.  If the cork were to freeze, it may expand and be pushed out, letting air into the bottle and wine seep out, subsequently creating a mess.  Normal usage of a household refrigerator allows the temperature to vary frequently; especially with kids that like to take their time trying to find something to eat or drink.  LOL

3.  Maintain A Steady Temperature

It is more important to keep frequent or extreme changes of temperature to a minimum.  The contraction and expansion of the liquid inside the bottles can push a cork completely out or eventually cause seepage.  Always aim for consistency.  If wine making directions call for a fermentation and preparation temperature of 68-75 degrees, do your best to stay close to the recommended range.

4.  Avoid Extensive Light Exposure

In terms of light and especially sunlight on your wine can be a problem.  Long term exposure to light should be avoided.  The UV rays directed onto the bottles will prematurely age the wine and seriously affect the quality, especially white wine.  You might want to use colored bottles.  Colored bottles act as a filter of light for the wine.  Prolonged exposure to light can also harm the wine labels and cause fading and separation from the bottle.  Along with a cool consistent temperature, a dark location for wine storage is ideal.

5.  Be Aware Of Your Humidity Level

The level of humidity for storage of wine is important.  A recommendable level of humidity for storage is 70 percent. Dry air over a period of time will dry out the corks, letting air into the bottle which in turn can ruin the wine.  Extreme damp conditions likewise are not good for wine storage as the reverse is true, preventing the cork from drying out.  Mildew and mold can also develop under too damp conditions. This rarely affects the wine but affects your storage area and your wine labels and the further spread of unhealthy mold & mildew conditions

6.  Sideway Storage

Finally, bottles should be stored in this position for the necessity of keeping the cork from drying out. If your bottles have glass, plastic corks or screw on caps of a sealed nature, then this is not necessary.

7.    Selecting The Proper Cork For Storage

Selecting the right cork size also aids in aging your wine to maturity.  Unfortunately, this topic warrants a separate posting to properly address the subject.  Look for an article to be released soon covering the topic.  Should you have immediate questions feel free to submit a comment below or call to talk to one of our experienced staff.  We also carry a huge selection of various traditional wine bottle corks, tasting corks, screw on caps, plastic caps, wine kegging equipment (avoid corks & bottles all together) and other methods to seal your wine.


Homebrewers don’t always have the means to have fancy equipment, extra space or money to spend to have the perceived perfect environment that commercial companies do.  These 7 guidelines will help you get the most out of your craft wine making.  Keep in mind typical household refrigerators can work perfectly fine if you ensure the above guidelines are achieved.  A standalone refrigerator in the garage or basement with the thermostat set at 55 degrees and only opened occasionally to remove or restock your wine will provide the consistency and ideal temperature to mature your wine like a master vintner!

Still Have Wine Storage Questions or Ideas?

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