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Ever wondered what it would be like to homebrew? Yes, you can make great wines and/or brew a great beer all in the comfort of your home. Our homebrew company offers the largest selection of premium supplies and ingredient kits to make beer and wine, offering the lowest prices available. In order to make beer with exceptional quality we headline Brewer’s Best and Munton’s Brew kits.  In order to make wine, our company leverages RJ Spagnol’s and Winexpert kits because they are the leaders in representing the most exceptional quality. All of our kits and equipment represent the superb quality and the greatest value.

Whether you are a beginner or advanced beer brewer or wine maker, Southern Homebrew has everything you need to make your hobby more enjoyable, and in some cases, at wholesale prices. If you find a low priced item elsewhere, we will do our best to match or beat it. We believe our prices are the best that you will find.

Brewer’s Best & Muntons Beer Making Kits

With over 50+ flavors to choose from you will find these beer making kits to be the most fun and easy kits to work with. Their instructions are straightforward and simple. We promise you will not be disappointed by these and will return for more. Do you like to make your beer from scratch? Check out the large selection of the finest grains, malts and other ingredients available!

Winexpert and RJ Spagnols Wine Making Kits

Again, working with these kits is simple and fun. Their fermenting and aging directions are customized for the absolute best homebrew production possible for novice or expert connoisseurs and vintners. Browse through our huge variety and add your selections to your cart before stocks run out. In addition signup on our website to take advantage of valuable promotions on products and offerings.

Produce Higher Quality Beer and Wine

The problem with commercial brew and wine is that you may not be consuming the best ingredients, setting aside the taste. Making your own brew and wine at home means you can use the highest quality of ingredients and techniques to be at par with your preferences.

A beer or wine is only as good as the quality of its ingredients. Access to these superior ingredients and their advanced equipments is not easy to obtain these days. Due to our quality customer service, quick & reliable shipping, and large weekly volume we offer the freshest products and supplies around!  This is why we offer online orders of wine/beer making products and equipment, including:

  • Huge selection of Wine and Beer Ingredient Kits

EnPrimeur Wine Making Kits Offer The Most Advanced Varietals Of Wine For Homebrewing.

Brewer's Best Beer Kits Offer Over 60 Superb Flavors for Homebrewing Beer.










  • Fast Ferment Wine & Beer Equipment Kits and Bottling Supplies

FastFerment Wine or Beer Equipment Kits Are Exceptional For Homebrewing

Southern Homebrew Has Large Selection Of Wine and Beer Bottles







Southern Homebrew Has A Large Section of Wine Bottles For Your Homebrewing Needs

  • Beer and Wine Racks

Southern Homebrew Carries A Variety Of Wine & Beer Storage And Display Racks









  • Fruit Concentrates, Bases & Purees to add that extra ‘tweak’ in flavour

Vintner's Best Fruit Wine Base Makes 5 gallons Of Delicious Wine

We Have Every Flavor Of Fruit Puree For You Wine or Beer Homebrewing Needs












  • Hard Cider Kits which offer numerous delicious flavours

Love Homemade Hard Cider? Making Cider with Cider House Kits Is Super Easy!









  • Bottling & Kegging Equipment

Southern Homebrew Has A Huge Selection Of Beer Kegging & Bottling Equipment










Electric Bottle Fillers Make Homebrewing Bottling Easy!










uKeg From Growler Works Is The Yeti Of Mini Kegs & Growlers










  • Ingredients & Additives

Enormous Selection Of Fruit Extract Flavors For Your Homebrewing Needs








  • Custom MacDay Labels to make your bottled wines look professional

Huge Selection Of Homebrew Wine & Beer Bottle Labels







Looking To Host a Beer & Wine Celebration or Need Bulk Orders

We have you covered!! Southern Homebrew offers homebrew party and gift ideas, as well as, bulk order shipments. In addition to offering luxury wine and beer placements in your event, we are always open for suggestions. Please inform us of any new ideas for products and offerings you might be in need of.

If we don’t have something you need, simply contact us and let us know what you need and we’ll get it!!  In order to do so, send us an email at with your ideas so we can promptly provide an effective solution. You can also call 387-409-9100 or visit our website:



Vested in your homebrewing success!

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"We deliver the finest quality homemaking wine, beer and cider kits, equipment and supplies to make your homebrewing experience fun and full of memories.  No order is too large or small for us to handle and serve you.  We thank you for your business!"